Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26, 2016

Hello, MK, EM, KI, and JM.  I have to use abbreviations instead of your names.  I am putting this on the Internet, and, while I am taking every precaution to make sure no one but you can read it, nothing is completely safe on the Internet.

I am writing this on December 26, 2016.  This is my first of what may be many entries.  I am writing them so you will know that, despite my not being able to see you, I love you, and think of you every day.  So this is a record of what I would say to you if I could.  I do hope someday you will read these words and know you have always been in my heart.

EM and Kl I am very sorry what happened on the Monday before Christmas.  I know your mother is angry with me.  Truthfully, I have never understood why.  On a Monday we were talking on the phone like mother and daughter.  A few days later she stopped answering the phone or answering my texts.  We did have moments after that, KI’s birthday, EM’s first communion, that we were mother and daughter again, but something happened after your great grandfather Jim died.  From that day forward you mother has not wanted us part of your life. Why she reached this decision, I do not know.  We did exchange some angry e-mails at that time.  As you know, mothers and daughters do fight, but they also forgive.  Your mother chose not to forgive.

I hope you did not get in trouble for being with us.  We had come to your house to give you gifts before then and did not have a confrontation.  But we must respect your mother’s wishes and not come to the house to see you, even if it does break our hearts not to spend time with you.  Nothing, and one one, will ever change my love for you.

All I can do is send you these words, from the past, so you will know I love you.  I don’t know when, or if, you will read them.  I pray you do.

We will be sending you all, on your birthdays, and at Christmas, cards with money.  It is your choice if you tend to share this with your parents.  We will post pictures of the card, and the money, and videos showing we sent it.  Once it arrives at your house, we have no control over if your mother intercepts it and does not give you the money.  Sorry, but this is the best solution I can fathom at this time.

Just remember one thing above all others.  No matter what happens do not turn your backs on one another or your parents.  Your family is all you have when everything else is stripped away.

I love you MK, EM, KI, and JM.  I wish I could see your right now and tell you that.  

Love Grammy and Papa

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